Lockdown Baking and the 27th relaunch of the blog

2020 is no-one’s year.

While for many it started strong and full of optimism (for myself included) unfortunately that was not to last for long. Few would have predicted then how the world would look four months into the year and the devastation that is facing the human race. A global pandemic on this scale is not something I ever envisioned I would live through, especially one that affects my day to day life to the degree that it has. But here it is and at this time we look to the global leaders (some more than others), the medical researchers, WHO and all those wonderful people who are guiding us through this difficult time while we get the easier job – staying at home and like me using that time productively to bake (and drink).

At the start of the lockdown in the UK there was a bit of panic buying and as such many ingredients were not available. Thankfully as the weeks progressed supermarkets were able to manage and the general public saw sense and realised they didn’t need all the flour, eggs and butter that a supermarket had in stock at any one time and the baking commenced.

First tangent of the newly improved blog (there is bound to be many) is on the subject of sourcing ingredients. I have to admit I have managed to avoid supermarkets for the most part relying on local shops and, being in super hipster Walthamstow, the pop-up shops that have appeared in my local area. Notably The German Deli and The Homemade Community Cafe.

The German Deli pop up is in the local industrial estate where their warehouse is. Daily they have a stall set up where you can buy all types of goodies (including eggs), their apple crumble cake is amazing and definitely not big enough to share even if you (and your husband) think it is. Now, The Homemade Community Cafe is my favourite discovery since lockdown, I had heard about it prior to the end of normality as being a cafe that had community at its heart and offered a range of groups and activities – I had never been as it was in the other park. However, since lockdown and their initial decision to close, they are now providing larder essentials, vegetables, dairy products, zoo pasta and all sorts of other goodies that they are able to source from their catering supplier. This has provided a valuable service to the community and means many do not have to travel far or queue for long periods of time in order to buy food. They are currently responsible for feeding my flour habit, which is decanted into a paper bag for you – it does feel slightly illicit.

So, as a result of all this free time due to no commuting, decreased amount of running, no pubs to go to and basically no fun allowed, I have been baking, a lot, and not just my standard lemon cake. This means that I now have some content and time to waffle on about my baking to coincide with all the random posts on Insta. So maybe 2020 is the year of my blog?

So, if you have any suggestions or recipe recommendations send them my way. I’m willing to give most things a try as long as I’d eat it afterwards.

Keep Safe, wash your hands and virtual high fives to you all.

Grace x

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