So a little bit about me……..30ish, North-East London lady who enjoys baking (enjoys eating what she bakes) and keeps in the good books at work by bringing in cakes – this is not bribery! I also am a keen collector of vintage crockery, well Beryl by Woods Ware, think light green utilitarian tea cups and saucers in the village hall, enjoy reading and am quite good at going to the pub.

I have kept a blog of sorts over the years but never really managed to keep it up, maybe not being that great to begin with put me off writing about but over the years I’ve improved, I do bake a mean lemon layer cake even if some do say it’s too lemony.

So the blog is being re-launched again! Who knows, maybe 17th time round I will stick with it.

If by any chance you are tempted to read the old blog you can do here


Aside from baking, I do quite like to wear my Minnie ears, especially at work.


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