About Grace

May 3rd 2020

To keep a line from my last update;

“So the blog is being re-launched again! Who knows, maybe 17th time round I will stick with it.”

I say this about many of my hobbies, I’m not a natural, but I persevere as I enjoy them, or at least enjoy the idea of the hobby. I’m a self taught baker, following recipes found in books, the internet or recommendations from friends or people who live in my phone. I’ve had successes and absolute disasters (never bake your own wedding cake) but I carry on and try again hoping for the best.

I’m 30-ish (36) and live in Walthamstow, East London with my husband Luke and our Syrian hamster Jessica who likes her food, especially treats, as much as me. Apart from baking I have two other serious hobbies, going to the pub and running. I am very good at going to the pub and while not a speedy runner, I can keep on going and in April 2019 completed Brighton Marathon.

The old blog can be found here (its below average)

And this is little old me

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