Happy Nearly end of January!

Round about a year ago I sat down and wrote about my hobby of collecting hobbies and how I would stick to one and actually keep it up; read all about it here. While I have managed to keep up the baking, the blogging kinda fell to the way-side. Who could have seen that coming?

What is going to make this year different? Who knows? Maybe I will finally find that comedy writing gene I so crave, or that the writing malarkey will start to come naturally to me. Maybe, as I actually have coursework to write and submit (I am a part-time dirty student), I will throw myself into blogging as a great way to distract me from doing any of my homework. Whatever does happen, I aim to at least post a little more often than last year.

So what great baking triumphs did I achieve and not tell you about? Funnily enough, I baked pretty much what I always bake. So, there was about a million (probably less) pineapple upside down cakes, chocolate bourbons (94 for work one Monday) and other usual standard bakes.

Any exciting baking related news from 2017? YES! This…….

Now you know the look of pure excitement at Santa not only arriving early, but delivering possibly the best Christmas present ever (apart from the year of the cabbage patch doll).

As much as I loved my old mixer – it had helped create some great bakes, a few awful bakes and a lot of fairly average ones – I have to say that the kMix is amazing! More on that later.

So 2018 will hopefully bring more posts to the internet, and maybe some of them will even be useful.

Till next time.

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