The Baking Club

On the eve of the pubs reopening and once again being allowed out into the real world I am sure there will be many conversations based on what people have achieved in lockdown. I mean, pubs have been closed for years, no time wasted on the commute so it’s only right to think I have finally achieved a sub 30 minute 5k as I now run all the time, and my reading list has practically diminished to nothing. Wrong, and not just a little wrong, a lot wrong.

I’m not entirely sure I remember how to tie my laces anymore let alone run anywhere near that fast these days, and the only book related achievements I have made is watching all Twilight films in one weekend, followed by The Hunger Games films the following weekend while buying about 200 books to add as ornaments around the flat.

There is something positive about lockdown, as mentioned in my last post I have been baking every week without fail. It helps that I am part of the works virtual baking club so I kinda have to bake every week or be a big loser. While I had started to bake anyway, during the early days being part of a virtual baking club, (I’m hoping there isn’t a fight club style rule about baking club as well), when everyone was a bit lost on how to fill their time it helped me focus on something positive instead of the impending Apocalypse that all of a sudden seemed all too real.

It’s ten weeks in so with that, and with all the other baking I have been doing I should have plenty to write about but I have spent a lot of time watching Four in a Bed being immensely jealous of people actually going anywhere that isn’t Lidl or my flat.

I am really enjoying baking club, the group are a great bunch of people, some who I didn’t really know beforehand, and it has left me with some amazing cakes to eat even if I do say so myself. At this rate I will be returning to work wearing my unicorn onesie as it will be the only thing left that fits.

Anyway, I won’t bore you with the whole ten weeks of baking in one go, I need to leave my avid audience wanting more after all. Lets just say this, there are ups and there are downs, there will be non baking club related bakes as well as an interesting story about a Black Forest Gateau.

Virtual High Fives.

Grace x

PS As I am a grown up, I haven’t had this proofed by my editor so excuse all the grammatical errors.

PPS Turns out I am really good at talking about writing about baking, rather than actually just writing about baking. I’m sure that will come with time!

1 thought on “The Baking Club

  1. Look forward to some recipes and loved the Gateaugate story!


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